Hi, My name is Angie. Welcome to my story.

A Creative from beautiful Northern, AZ currently residing in sunny Tempe with my beautiful other half, Taleaha, and our pups. I own a boutique creative agency called Mousse Creative. I’m passionate about music, graphic design, art, books and my faith in God, which is and always will be a work-in-progress. I love connecting with others and finding the humanity in us all. Even better I like discovering the beauty of God in us all.  Honestly, I’m reluctant to throw the  word “Christian” around because of what so many have made it. I’m sorry for the times you might have been yelled at, judged, proselytized and spiritually abused. I’m on a road of self discovery and truly believe that’s just what life is. Constant change. Constant removing and perfecting. Growing and shifting. I’m also a Mac and tech junkie, interested in fashion, love the solitude of reading a good book and enjoying a cup of Earl Grey tea.

You truly want to follow my thoughts? Hear my ramblings? I may bore you, lose you, step on your toes or challenge you to think differently. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Enjoy.



More Coming Soon!
(As a graphic and web designer it’s imperative that I mention the cobbler with no shoes… yes this is what’s happening here.)